SDL Student: Danielle Collier

Danielle Collier

We asked Danielle what are the few things she liked about Summer Design Lab.  Here is her personal summer camp testimony:

1. Overall it was a great learning environment. The teachers were great. They knew how to blend in with students and weren’t too intimidating. Learning was easier because they inspired us. They were great at showing us things and were very hands on. I was able to ask questions at any time.

2. I really enjoyed the critique process from both my peers and from professionals. It really boosted my confidence in my abilities. I got to present my opinions to my peers and hear some great feedback. I really gained a sense of what it it’s like to present my work in the real world.

3. I liked the industry people who came in and spoke to us about their experiences and journey in design.  It was an interesting perspective to hear from an architect, a graphic designer, and a chef. I also really liked having a professional photographer come in and take pictures of our work.

4. We did a lot of hands-on work. I felt that I was like ‘my own artist’ in that I was able to create a piece on my own. The assignments weren’t so cookie cutter or stringent that the outcomes looked like everyone else’s work.

5. The program did an excellent job helping us prepare an admissions portfolio. I’ve never done so much work before. I was really motivated to get the pieces done.”

Danielle CollierGrade 11 Student







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