Summer camp reviews – read what our students had to say!

J. Monk

“It gave me a whole new perspective on the working world and how important design collaboration is.”

I liked designing the shipping containers the most. It gave me an opportunity to try something new and different. The program helped me better relate to a 3D way of thinking….I really appreciated speakers Michael Leckman and Chef Long who offered real insight into the working world.

I’d recommend the program to my friends because I think it will give them an opportunity to develop skills that are different than those stressed in high school and a chance to meet new people.

J. MonkGrade 11 Student
A. Assadi

“An excellent value for what I learned.”

I learned a lot about design and the course material was relevant and useful.  The way the program was structured, everyone got to discover their peers.  The guest speaker, Chef Long was an interesting departure from “my definition of design.” It got me thinking that design is not just about building things. It gave me an appreciation that design is all around.

The program gave me a really good grasp of the world of design and how things work.  I know that I didn’t waste my summer and it was a lot of fun!

A. AssadiGrade 11 Student
C. Hubble

“I left with many new ‘tools’ that I know will be useful in my future.”

I enjoyed seeing my classmates create different designs for their projects. It was also great to get to know people and everything was new for me. It was also challenging, but it got easier as I got into the rhythm and it got more exciting for me.

I am going to recommend this to my friends and cousins who are really into design.

C. HubbleGrade 12 Student
C. Dane

“I like the fact that we got to do work that helped us with our portfolio.”

I had heard about Design Thinking in school, but I had never really examined it or put it to use the way I learned to do in this program.  I liked the hands-on projects a lot. All the projects we did were really interesting. I liked how each project built upon the previous project. I also liked the last week on user experience. It was cool to see everything come together from what we had learned and implemented through the 3 weeks.

C. DaneGrade 11 Student
E. Wan

“A fun and special experience where I also had the chance to improve my portfolio.”

I enjoyed learning about Design Thinking. It’s been really helpful in my creative process.  I also really liked the intensive collaboration and teamwork. It is very different than high school where most projects are individually executed.  Working in a team so intensively really helped me develop my skills as a designer.

E. WanGrade 11 Student
J. Young

“I’d love to take the lab again next summer!”

After being taught design thinking, it has changed the way I approach to solving problems. It was more about the process and not so focused on creating the final product. I also loved the way everyone connected and bonded.  It was a great social group because we all had a common interest in design.  I also liked the opportunity we had to design an experience. It was something very different than anything else I’ve ever done.

J. YoungGrade 10 Student

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